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Matt Versteeg

Owner of

  • Magician since age of 9.
  • Started off doing SEO for magic gigs
  • Ended up ranking his website on p age 1 for nearly every city in America, resulting in more bookings than he could handle.
  • Leveraged his SEO experience to consult for local clients and build his own lead generation sites.
  • Systems and productivity Expert
  • Matt loves teaching the SEO Formulas he’s discovered that are elegant and easy for anyone to apply that get results in every local niche.

Josh Beechraft

Big Time SEO Agency Owner

  • #1 passion: helping others break bottlenecks and unleash their lives from inefficiency.
  • Featured Coach in programs like OMG Machines, BulletproofSEO, Traffic Tsunami, Alex Engine with Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, and more…
  • Worked on multiple successful 6-7 figure launches
  • SEO agency owner since 2014: Clients range from startups to 9 figure market leaders.
  • Specializing in conversions, technical SEO, marketing strategy
  • Mindset and motivational strategist
  • Former professional magician
  • Proud AV nerd

Terry Samuels

Owner; Salterra | Infinity Ranking

  • Owned a web design/internet marketing agency for 8+ years
  • Passion for teaching and helping
  • Terry has combined his technical skills with his management abilities to position his companies at the forefront of the industry.
  • Tenacious
  • Expert in technical SEO, site structure, schema, and internal audits

Joshua Fletcher

Search Engine Marketer/ SEO

  • SEO for 60,000,000+ URLs for clients
  • Page 1 rankings +maps for over 1,000,000 city keywords
  • Developed UMAC framework of SEO & Constellation SEO techniques.

Michael Tesalona

Scalable SEO Agency owner

  • SEO Agency Owner with 100 active SEO clients!
  • Expert at SEO Sales
  • Expert at SEO Business Building
  • Expert at Local SEO
  • All around mensch of a guy

Eric Faucett

Event co-Host
SEO & Sales Guy

  • Built a valuable business that runs itself based upon SEO…something many people claim to have done, but haven’t actually done.
  • He can actually work only 10 days in a year and still make more than 99% of people
  • SEO Expert
  • Sales expert
  • Marine

Brock Misner

SEO Dude

  • Former Corporal at U.S. Marine Corps
  • Underground SEO testing
  • More details coming soon…

David Hood

event co-host
SEO Agency Owner & SEO Trainer

  • SEO Agency Owner at Dallas SEO Geek  since 2012.
  • SEO Trainer since 2014.
  • SEO Local Lead Generation.
  • Maps SEO focus since 2017.  Developed new Maps SEO concepts and techniques.

Lefteris Soulas (Leo)


  • Data scientist turned entrepreneur.
  • Master’s in Computer Science and Math
  • Founder and creator of Keyword Cupid —  bringing the power of real-time neural network trainingto extract intent and clusters of topics.
  • Primary Focus: Affiliate marketing and automatic content creation through NLP models.

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