The Conference

Join us and our speakers for a Guaranteed Out-of-World & One of a Kind SEO Experience!.


Held at the beach!

SEO at the Beach is a conference for SEO professionals held…at a beach somewhere!

The idea behind it is to grow personally and professionally while having fun at a great location …

… And build your Business!


WIll ..

We will have some excellent, experienced SEO professionals to speak and share their experiences with…

The event will have limited seating -150~

My goal for you is to accelerate you and your business’s growth in a few short days … While having ‘FUN’ with others who have businesses similar to yours.

Last, But NOT Least!

The connections and friendships I’ve personally made at SEO conferences in the past have been priceless…

sometimes a quick 5 minute chat with someone I met at a conference can help me avoid costly mistakes or help me take advantage of profitable opportunities

and I’ve made some excellent friends…most people in my life wonder what do and why the hell I’m doing it…

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions!

Meet The Hosts!

David Hood

event co-host
SEO Agency Owner & SEO Trainer

Eric Faucett

event co-host
Sales & business expert

Brock Misner

event co-host
local seo maven

Michael Merlino

event co-host
local & ctr badass

SEO At The Beach

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