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@ Miami Beach: Fri Feb 18th & Sat Feb 19th


David Hood
writing here …

There are few people out there who really understand what it is that we, as SEO professionals, really do…  

And for many, there’s no one in their personal life who really gets it. And by, “it” I mean living …

the digital entrepreneur life.


Yes, it can be laptops and beaches, but that doesn’t even remotely capture the feeling of …

… Being Free …

-SEO At The Beach-

Sneek Peak.


being able to choose my own day to day work activities…

making Google dance to my puppet strings…

going to an event filled with people who get it

being able to say, “no” and “$&!* no” without hurting my financial obligations…

going to a party on the beach 🌴 and having it reduce my taxes by about 1/3 of everything I spend 

SEO At The Beach

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